Vex Worm Gear

I know, you can buy it on the net. But it would be nice ot have a FVC legal worm gear for vex. Is could have many uses including better claw and such purposes.


OK, i just realized there were forums on this already, Sorry


That is a good idea though;)

i think someone was able to figure out that a lego gear mesh will with the vex gears well.

A vex legal worm gear is a good idea!

yea they need to make one that is one of the items you cant make your self

That would help!

it would help very much

Why does everyone always agree? Do we all think the same?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Let me see…YES!

No, not all the same, but “shared thinking” is a good thing… Ask what and how everyone would use the “worm gear”, and you will most likely get a different answer from each person.

Sometime this year Vex will be releasing an “Advanced Gear Kit”. This kit will include (among other things) the Worm gear many of you are requesting.


Can you discuse the other types of Gears and quantities???

Ooh!Tell me more!

Any idea on the release date?

I cant wait, it will be awsome!!!

I’d like too see a gearbox that the worm gear and another gear fit into. like the lego gearbox but bigger. It would be smaller and stronger than most mechanisms that could rival its use.

Once we get the gears it shouldn’t be too hard to build our own gear boxs out of the metal provided.

It may be released somtime in the April timeframe.
I can’t release all the details, but it will include the (at least) 2 gear types our users have been asking for the most.


Any word on the plate with the treads mounted to it like many of us haved talked about in another thread? Is this part being considered?