vex y cables

first off, STOP POSTING WHERE ONLY ADMINS OR MODERATORS CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. the other people on this forum know quite a bit about vex and it is nice if they can answer question.

to answer your question, i dont know if you can use y-cables. i know that in the FVC manual for this year it says you can use them for the motors so you can have 10 motors running. i havent tried it though.

That was quite a rude comment, especially because most of that was in all caps which generally means you are yelling. This person had a valid question, and posted it into the Ask an Expert section.

You most definitely can use wye (Y) cables with Vex, which is why the FVC GDC allowed you to use 10 motors on this year’s Vex robot. The only problem with a wye cable is that you must share the available power from a single port among two motors. Because each port is limited to a maximum of 1 Amp of current draw, using a wye cable limits you to only 0.5 Amp (500 milli-Amps) per motor.

i apologize to next vex, i didnt want to seem rude, i just wanted to get my point across. i dont see why someone would want to post in a section where only the admins or moderators can post. your answer is just as sufficient as anyone elses’s.

Vex Technical Support Answer:
Yes, you can use Y-Cables with the Vex Robotics Design System.

Official FVC Rules Answer:
It appears based on rules <R5> from the FVC 2006 Manual, that this would be legal. However, all official FVC questions need to be asked here:


Maybe he wanted the official answer from a VexLABs Moderator.
Regardless, you should not have snapped at him. The only way to build a positive community is through courteous and professional interactions. Please keep this in mind.

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okay. no problem.

for the vex comp how many “y” cables can be used :confused:

Based on <R5> from the 2006 FVC Manual, I believe you are only allowed to use (2) Y-Cables. Please check the manual for yourself, it is available for download here: