VexAI Events

Is there any sense, in particular from the EP community, on how many VexAI events there are likely to be? My perception is there are substantially fewer VEXU events than VRC; is it reasonable to assume that VexAI events will likely be even less common than even VEXU events? Is it possible for a VRC event to cohost a VexAI event?



I have no idea- we weren’t given a heads up that this was in the works. That said, if it’s possible I will definitely co-host at my event. It doesn’t sound like it involves many extra resources from EPs other that the additions to the fields. It sounds like an awesome way to take VRC to the next level, and I am happy to support it!


This is largely because there are orders of magnitude fewer VEXU teams - vexdb only knows about 170 active VEXU teams last season, compared to over 10,000 in VRC.

If there is a lot of team interest, we will likely see a significant number of EPs start to offer VAIC events alongside or in addition to their existing VRC/VEXU qualifiers.


If ai has the same size restrictions for edr and u it would be pretty cool to see events with both grade levels

Well with NO DRIVERS all you need to do is ship the robots to an event, and the EP will do the rest.

Best social distancing scheme EVER!


I don’t think it would be that hard. I can’t imagine that the wall stickers would be that expensive.

I think the problem will be to find enough teams to make an event.

It’s a good Covid-19 solution, you just ship your robot and the two people at the event can play the entire thing remotely :slight_smile:


this is a truly big brain move.
while we’re at it, robots should just drive themselves down there. no human interaction whatsoever.


I was honestly wondering if this is a potential hedge against continued/re-instated “stay-at-home” orders in the fall/winter…


With the amount of work that has gone into it, I suspect not but the timing is useful!
From an EP point of view, it looks easy enough to add the field markers for AI so any event can hold AI matches.
This will, IMHO ask a lot of teams to put their money where their mouth is now because lots of people have been asking for 3D printing, machining and more motors etc. This is an amazing step and hopefully will have good take up. I’m excited to build robots for…erm, testing. It’s been years since I turned an EDR screw so I might be a bit rusty.

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Likely that us EPs will have to be nimble and flexible - we are looking at what we need to propose to our district as reassurances that we are managing risk properly.

One thing we are considering is a transparent (shatterproof plastic) barrier between teams in an alliance station.

The codes and it also requires opaque wall panels… If you set up an AI field I’m thinking that you could also play regular matches on the same field…???



Interesting - have sponsor opaque panels :slight_smile:


Loads of tournaments already have opaque fields so no issues to.use these for both.
I’m interested to know if teams that have the GPS can use it in VRC if the fields had the PCS on or does the PCS need to be removed for VRC matches if using the same fields for both?

Wow - I would never have even thought about that sort of an impact. I’m still stuck in the only-stay-home or pre-covid mindset.

We are looking at having a lot of small events 16 teams four organizations - with this game it should work well. - big distances - short day …

Best have plans for our area that are thoughtful.

Lets hope I can keep the stickers on the 4’ lengths of the fields. Can’t really manage the 12’ lengths to move things around.

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I am more interested to find out how are these vaic teams being qualified to worlds.
Is it going to be by skills scores if the region couldn’t find 16 teams for a tournament? i.e. vexu-style?

Looking at the huge amount of resources required to form a competitive vaic team, i am not very optimistic with the numbers.
But i am excited over it though.


Do we know if there is going to be a worlds this year? I’ve tried searching “VEXAI worlds” online but nothing shows up. Even just searching “VEXAI” gives very few results.