New robot video on IFI’s YouTube account:

VEX hexapod robot inspired by HEXBUG “Bravo”.

This robot was designed and built by one of my students; Charles Wensel a Greenville High School student (in 11th Grade at the time of the project).

I think Charlie did an exceptional job, and I wanted to share!

that’s pretty cool… how big is it?

I am very impressed!!!

Did Charles spent a lot of time looking at the Hexbug’s Mechanical’s to get the design down?? OR is he a Natural Mechanical Engineer??

It’s freakin’ HUGE.

Look at the attached pictures - you can see the vex motors in the closeup and in one you can see a tank tread in the background.

The thing is a work of art …

Here’s another picture of the Big Bug along with some of her tiny relatives. I’ve also included a bonus picture of HondaBugs: The Big Bug Honda Bugs

Very, very cool and well built. Did you CAD it first or was it all in the kid’s head.

Man, you guys have all the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats cool but my summer project might top it, my friend and I built two completely custom speaker boxes for my DJing. Each box can handle 800 watts, system is hooked up to a 3,000 watt amp. I’ll see if I can upload some pics later.

I want a 3D printer… WAHHHHHHH!!!

Don’t those 3D printers cost like… 5,000 US dollars?

Charles CADded the entire thing, it went through several virtual revisions before he built it.

Just came back to Vex after a few weeks of being conscripted to the Land of LEGO to find these cool projects. Interesting that 6-legged walkers are quite the rage these days – my son began a hexapod a few weeks ago, which unfortunately won’t get finished, due to lack of parts and time. Let us know if you take up the mantle and decide to expand/finish it.

Yeah… :frowning:

thats so cool…(y)