Vexcode Autonomous Efficient and Accurate

Hello, we’re a new team and having difficulty with our autonomous program. We built razorbill and can drive just fine but in our autonomous we quickly realized that it wasn’t accurate at all. We did some research and found out different ways to solve our problem such as PID and motor encodes. However, we have no idea how to code any of these, because nobody on our team has coded before. We also don’t have a distant sensor (we have all the others). Could somebody explain motor encodes to move our drivetrain straight or some part of PID that also makes the drivetrain move straight/deaccelerates it? We need something simple because as I said we’re new to coding. We’re using Vex Code instead of RobotC we couldn’t find out how to download robotc on our chromebook. Thank you

Are you in IQ? You have this topic in vex code iq support.

He’s talking about the razor bill, so I assume that is in IQ, since that is an IQ style of robot for rise above.

Yes, we’re in Vex IQ

Do you know what text is used for the right or left motor of a drivetrain instead of both motors in the drivetrain?

No, Never done PID, sorry. Also, been a long time since I programmed. Sorry.

I think I might make a thread for starting out with PID. I found some pretty good resources that have helped me.

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I believe for VEXcode IQ you really can’t access it. You should just set up your left motor and right motor individually. If you can see what is in the iq_cpp.h header file, then the robot_config.h header file(assuming that is what it is called), that would be where it should be located. This is based on VEXcode V5 Pro.