VexCode Blocks Autonomous Moving Multiple Motors?

Ive been trying to code our teams autonomous for this years skills and im using the Vexcode blocks and I cant figure out how to make my arm move. I have 4 motors for my arm. Ive looked through these forums and I haven’t found anything. Any ideas/help on moving multiple motors at once?

well if you’re trying to move them using the motion blocks, you can try using the “spin to position/spin forward for x” blocks and click the arrow. That’ll add “and don’t wait” which will have it spin with any command you have before it. Do this for the 4 motors and they’ll all spin with each other.

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I have the spin blocks with “and don’t wait” on the end, the arm still won’t go up. They are all set to move to the same position.

Is it possible that there is a mechanical error somewhere? Are you sure they been programmed to the correct port? Do you have the code under “when autonomous”?

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I will keep testing. Thank you for the help!

3 of the 4 should be “and don’t wait”.
The forth should keep the wait and that will be the trigger to move on to the next command.
If they are all “and don’t wait” the program may move on and send other arm commands before th last lot are complete.


Screenshot 2021-03-02 151926
This is my current arm code and it doesn’t lift it up. I’m not sure what else it needs.

Next thing I would check - are you sure that “forward” is the same direction on all 4 motors? i.e., depending on how the motors are mechanically linked and oriented relative to each other, some of them will probably need to be reversed in the configuration menu, and others not.


Thank you, I changed around the motor setup and it worked.

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