VexCode Blocks IQ for competition

Hi all, our team is elementary level, new to VexIQ.
I looked at old post talking about the Robot Graphical, but I have the impression that they have not updated it for a few years. VexCode Blocks looks pretty nice with some tutorials etc…
Has anybody seen issues with the VexCode Blocks? any concern to use for the challenge this year?
I am thinking of using it for our team.

I am curious why in the feature page, they show N/A under competition “when autonomous” and “when driver control”

Is it correct to assume that you can program some actions while using the controller with VexCode Blocks?
Any tips or advise is appreciated


You are good to go using this for IQ competition.

The driver and auto portions point to specific parts of the VRC competition, and are not necessarily related to driver skills or programming challenge in IQ.

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