VEXcode (blocks) making the brain freeze/lock?

Hi, Though this has also been a problem for the V5, the IQ has it much worse. Whenever I load the Vexcode Blocks chrome extension for my Chromebook, when the IQ robot connects it instantly freezes/locks up. It’s unresponsive and can’t be shut off without taking the battery out.
On the V5 it does this as well, but not instantly. It’ll take sitting for 1-5 minutes before it freezes.

Originally I thought it was a firmware/hardware problem as the software would recognize the IQ but indicate that it needed a firmware update. It’s also possible to select download/run, but because the brain is frozen it tries to do this forever until it’s unplugged. After a firmware and sensor update, however, it still indicates it needs an update and nothing has changed.

Has anyone else come across this problem or know a way to fix this? I was hoping to use bluetooth to eliminate the unreliable port problem as I was told RobotMesh does not allow bluetooth connection at all with IQ, though I feel I’m going to have to redo the code in RobotMesh and deal with that, as RobotMesh connects perfectly fine with no crashing, locking, or freezing.
Thanks for any help.

We ran into this issue, too. We just updated our firmware yesterday and downloaded a program from Vex Blocks. Our brain freezes and doesn’t allow us to do anything. We remove and replace the battery, and it remains frozen. The only way we have been able to “reset” it is to reconnect to our laptop and download the program again.

For what it’s worth, we are not using a Chromebook. We are using a Windows laptop.

I hope someone has answers! We don’t want to be stuck at our competition in a week.

We are having freezing issues too during coded skill runs. The brain doesn’t freeze, but the bot will just stop in random positions. At first, we thought it was getting stuck on the orange dots on the field, but not always. Reading this thread, it may be due to degree turns, but we do not know how to fix it, as, like I said, it’s random.

Hope you were able to get something to work! Seems like ours is a little worse than the average bugs but that still seems really debilitating. For now we just switched back to RobotMesh and the program is running perfectly (well, exactly as the code says it should run which isn’t that good yet haha).

What does the brain do when it freezes? We used to have a lot of I2C errors which would cause the robot to randomly stop or keep running, it’s fallen off many tables and motors have just stopped randomly in competitions too, eek. It ended up being bad cords so we just replace cords constantly and try to eliminate any crimping of the wires.

The brain shows the name of the autonomous code that is running, like nothing new is happening. The brain has given us no clues as to why it is freezing. Club resumes today after school, so we hope to see some progress…
Thanks for your interpretations and what you see. I will ask them to check their wiring for sure now too!

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Please send me the project, we can get the dev team to take a look and see what’s happening.

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I downloaded the same programs to another brain and it seems to be working fine…for now, at least! Fingers crossed that it keeps up.

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