VEXCode build error

I have imported my functional and tested code from a VCS VEX C++ file into VEXcode and I get: “error: unable to open output file ‘build/src/main.o’: ‘no such file or directory’” as an error. I am not sure about what I can do about it, as I don’t know if it’s a code issue or VEXcode installation issue. I have attached the full log of what occurs when I attempt to build/download. errWhileBuilding

Create a folder in the project directory called build

what do you put in this folder?

i get this same error, did you figure out the solution?

You make a folder called build in your project directory

have you updated to preview 2 ?

When I try building my code. I get an “error: unable to open output file ‘build/src/main.o’: ‘no such file or directory’” error. How do I fix this?

See this thread. Seems like this issue should also be fixed by updating to preview 2 if you haven’t already.

I merged the two threads with the same question.

Preview 2 should have fixed this error for new projects, existing projects created with preview 1 would still exhibit the error as we do not attempt to update an existing project when doing an upgrade.

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