Vexcode can't download program to brain?

Windows 10 Professional edition, the brain and device have been upgraded online to the latest firmware 2.1.5. Vexcode IQ program can‘t download to the brain , what is the problem? For advice, everybody?

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I think the problem is either your robot’s brain isn’t turned on or the wire’s not connected properly. Make sure the wire’s plugged in right both on your brain and on your programming device.


Is the Brain icon green in the top right of VEXcode? Does the Brain show up OK in Windows Device Manager under Ports COM & LPT? Should be 2 showing there.
Are there any user programs on the Brain at the moment? You could try deleting all user programs using the Brain menu then trying again.

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If you have both Vexcode and VEXos Utility open at the same time you can’t download to the brain.

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Thanks. Both are ok . I have checked several times.

Thanks. Yes, the brain icon is green. It’s a good suggestion to check the COM and LPT,I will try. The brain is clear.

I first installed the VEXos to update the firmware. Then I closed the VEXos and open the Vexcode. But the later can not download the code to brain.Thanks

Try a diffrent device maybe it must be something wrong with that pritcular device

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