VEXcode could not launch backend services

VEXcode could not launch backend services and I cannot interact with its interface at all.

Can you run “resmon” on your PC, go to the network tab at the top and then expand the listening ports. You should see something like this.

VEXcode currently uses ports 5635 through 5637. The “could not launch backend services” means that you probably have another program using those ports or something is blocking us from opening them.

can you get a screenshot or post the output from resmon here and perhaps we can figure out what’s happening.

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in port 5635~5637 the firewall status says “allowed, unlimited” or something like that. I’m not so good at translation

@jpearman does it use the same ports in China to get around the “Great Firewall of China”?

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my fellow programmers (btw we’re in Mainland China) aren’t having issues like I am. My device is ASUS FX95G.

It’s local network traffic anyway, so any sort of external firewall shouldn’t be a problem…

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guys I just updated to preview 4 and the problem came back again.

did the problem go away at some point ?

VEXcode 1.0 will have a little more logging available that may help us identify the solution to this issue, to be honest, based on the information you provided us here, I don’t really know what’s wrong.

I have to connect to a network and connect to a VPN for it to run.

Is the vpn being redirected outside of China?

Yes it is. I can direct it to US, Singapore or Japan.