VEXcode doesn't build

We are experiencing this issue in VEXcode:

When you have multiple files and you modify one of the files (but not main.cpp) the code doesn’t build when you press build. You must make an edit to main.cpp in order to build the code with the changes.

Is there a fix for this or any recommendation on how to get around this issue?


Does the code build (outputs stuff to the output tab on the bottom and says building) but not say it built main.cpp in the output but says it built other stuff? Or does the button not work and there is no output to the output tab on the bottom?

If First Option

It builds (I think). What I believe happens is since there are no changes to main.cpp, it doesn’t have to build main.cpp, because VexCode already did, and VexCode doesn’t need to waste time building it when it hasn’t changed. It builds the other files and checks them.

If Second Option

That is very interesting. I have not heard of this issue. One possible way to get around would just be to make a comment and edit the comment slightly every time. Very interesting.

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The students are doing what you suggested in option 2. They make a dummy edit to main.cpp, then build, then change it back.

The output tab on the bottom says
make:Nothing to be done for ‘all’
[info]: build completed
(we think it doesn’t realizes there are changes to the files other than main.cpp, when there actually are)

It might think that it built already and you haven’t made changes since. So if you make an edit in a different file, then build without changing main.cpp, it gives:
make:Nothing to be done for ‘all’
[info]: build completed
Right? Do you build it twice in quick succession, or only once?

Where is the file located. If it is in the include folder and nothing includes it then the compiler doesn’t compile them (resulting that message). If this is the case you need to move the file to the src folder.

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Only once and the changes in the file (not main.cpp) are not reflected on the robot

The file is in the src folder.

We need more information to debug this issue.

  • What version of VEXcode do you have? Is it the latest?
    You can check VEXcode version in File > About.
  • Make sure you save the file before building.
  • You can upload your project to vexforum using this button…
One other theory I have is this...


See how the last file is a bit to the left. It is not in include or src, but could be mistaken to be in the src folder. Like this it wouldn’t be complied either, if not included somewhere.

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version 1.0.1
yes, he’s saving the file before building
files appear to be in the correct folders

I’m going to have him upload the project using that button now.

Thank you for helping try to figure this out!

We aren’t sure how to upload the project file. Does the folder need to be zipped?

We think the issue may be that changes to the header files aren’t being recognized which is causing it to not build. The header files are in the src folder and those are the files that changes are being made to.

Yes, it needs to be zipped, you can export your project to a zip file in VexCode.

In vexcode, click file, then click export

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I see your problem, you need to move the .h files to the include part not the src part. In VexCode you can drag and drop your file into the include part

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see this post

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