Vexcode driver signing certificate

I’m trying to silently install the Vexcode software on a number of machines. I’m having trouble with the driver signing certificate. I’ve installed it but I still keep getting prompted to trust the driver publisher which isn’t going to work with a silent install. How do I correctly install the certificate to bypass this prompt?

Does this Knowledge Base article help?


No, unfortunately. I already found that. It just says you may need to install it but nothing about where or how.

The certificate can be downloaded from Dropbox - VEXroboticsCert23.cer - Simplify your life

How you utilise it will probably depend on the tool that you are using for deployment.

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I developed a procedure for that with the earliest version of VEX Coding Studio. I also found the biggest issue to be the driver certificate. These are the steps I used to install the certificate with my deployment:

  • Obtain the Certificate Management Tool from Microsoft (CertMgr.exe). It is included in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Distribute the CertMgr.exe program and the certificate to your client machines with your choice of software distribution system
  • Run CertMgr.exe with the follow command line switches to install the certificate:
    /add [name_of_cert].cer /s /r localMachine TrustedPublisher
  • Deploy the MSI file with your choice of software deployment tool to your client machines