VexCode Drivetrain class tank controls

Is there a tank equivalent to the arcade method in the Drivetrain class? I am unable to figure out how to use tank controls without configuring each motor separately without the Drivetrain class.

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I don’t really use the drivetrain configuration, but you could create a motor group for the left side and right side, then you could set the motor power to be equal to each corresponding joystick.

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I know how to do that i’m just thinking in the sense of when i’m teaching beginner students the easiest way to learn would probably be to use the Drivetrain class because of the easy to use autonomous functions.

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I believe you can use both the drivetrain and motor groups for your drive motors so you can use motor groups for driver control and drivetrain for autonomous.

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I’m trying to do this with the graphical configuration.

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I never really use that so I can’t help you there, sorry.

Do you know how to accomplish this @jpearman?

I know how to code it but not with the configuration thing

If you want that I can write one real quick

I know how to code it, i’m just trying to figure out how to easily teach beginners

Oh ok. That makes sense nwo

If you are using graphical configuration, then just configure the controller for tank controls.


if you have instantiated the drivetrain in code (or don’t want to use graphical configuration for the controller), then there is no member function for tank control in the drivetrain class. Just send controller joystick values to the left and right motors (or motor groups).


That makes sense. Thanks for your help.