VexCode Error

When I try and download my code to our robot i keep getting all of these errors saying ‘robot-config.h’ not found and ‘vex.h’ file not found either.

our code


heres the Problems that it read.


did you delete or move vex.h ? Does the program build ?


Jpearman is most likely correct, for a way to fix the issue, update your vexcode, and make a new project, dont tinker with any of the other files and use the graphical motor interface.

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jpearman didn’t say that. There isn’t anything wrong with writing out your own declarations, and often it is just as fast as doing it with the interface from my experience, especially if you have something plugged in that isn’t in the interface (e.g. jumper pin)

Also @mw_7838 could you post a picture of the sidebar in VEXcode?

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It does build but I never moved the vex.h file

You are missing a few header and cpp files like jpearman said. I would make a new project and copy over the old code to main.cpp


Thank you. I made a new project and it worked. I had use a flash drive.

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I recommended that because not configuring correctly could cause errors in later use, just trying to reinforce his statement and give a solution.