VEXcode Feedback

After returning from the worlds, I downloaded VexCode to check it out and found it to be on the right track. The ability to share code and create reusable classes in separate files and utilize source control are all required features for our team. VexCode allows for all of this which is awesome. I was surprised at how nice the Intellisense suggestions were for vex types such as Velocity, Direction and others.

Creating multiple files worked nicely, creating classes from base classes (ie extending the motors class) was easy as was creating new name spaces.

Linking and download was automatic and the wireless download was fast. Thank you for all of this. The automatic firmware detection is a great feature make it it more likely that a team will not miss a firmware update.

Looking forward to integrated documentation for the api and I would suggest a sample competition template that shows best practices for using multiple files including the use of extern’s and the standard C convention for only including header files once #ifndef _X #define _X code… #endif.

Nice to have would be the ability to add a plugin for C++ beautification or for source control. I believe the base editor has plugin capability, if possible make them available to users of VexCode too.

Error messages made it easy to find an issue and fix it. I’m looking forward to your next release of VexCode and if you stay on this track will have a winner.

Forgot to mention, I tested this on Windows and OS X (Apple) platforms and found the OS X version to work very well for me so far. I have not tested the vision interface on OS X but plan to shortly.

Summary: Nice Job, keep it up.


I spoke with James Pearman about this, and it is on the way. That said, nothing prevents a team from giving back by writing up some tutorials for novice teams to get started while waiting for the final release.

Nice positive review!