VEXCode Good Experience and Suggestions

When I used VEXCode for this season, the experience I had from the software is exceptional. It’s been so good that I feel guilty to say I’d like to see x and y, but providing suggestions is the best way for the VEXCode creator gods to heed our thoughts. :slight_smile:

Alright, It’s time to begin.
VEXCode’s software is incredibly user-friendly, and I love the efforts set forth being reliable and helpful. I love the software as a whole, but I would absolutely love to see some tweaks/components added to the software for the future.

  1. Similar to PROS Okapi, it would be awesome to have integrated odometry into the drivetrain system, where in the motors and sensors setup you can tell the drivetrain the robot’s measurements.
  2. I really love the voltage command, but would it be possible to have a variable that has voltage lerped? i.e. voltageUnits::lerpedVolts that would reel voltage up and down smoothly to another value?
  3. Would it be okay to have voltage and voltageUnits to be in the non-expert auto-fill as well? Although it’s simple to ask, I think that many people know what voltage is as it’s basic Engineering knowledge, plus it may be confusing for those who do not have expert mode enabled.
  4. Although I know that SD cards are a part of the V5 brain, not many people utilize it. This likely is the cause of the complexity of figuring out how to utilize it. Would it be ok to somehow make SD card reading and writing more user-friendly?
  5. Similarly to ROBOTC where you can both modify motor and sensor setup code as well as the interface, would that be possible to have the capability for both in expert mode in VEXCode?
  6. Although I love the ability to utilize the V5 brain screen, I find that the options are quite limited, especially when comparing it to PROS. I would absolutely love the ability to construct graphs, buttons, etc. without having to code every function of something. It may be a stretch but if it can be possible it will make tuning PID be much easier :slight_smile:
  7. Please please please allow us the capability to tune the motor’s integrated PID :bowing_man:

Anyone else have more suggestions? This is all I can think of, but other than that I just have to say thank you to whoever decided to move over to VEXCode as it is much more convenient and robust than VEX Coding Studio. Thank you to whoever made such an awesome program.


Not really sure what you’re trying to say here. What’s the difference between your suggestion and rotateTo/rotateFor, and why does it require a different unit for voltage?

One possibility here would be to add a library that provides I/O access to a file with a known name in a known format (such as JSON or something similar), and to enable modifying this configuration over USB from the IDE. This isn’t trivial (particularly the second part), but it would be a neat feature for sure.

(I may also propose this for PROS).


I guess motion profiling is the wrong term. I think the term I was looking for is “Continuous In/Out lerp transition” where if you set a voltage to a motor or the drivetrain system then it will lerp the voltage with a smooth transition to the voltage value.

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