VEXcode help for downloading to robot

Does anyone know what the problem is when this popup appears, I’m unable to download the code to my robot in vex coding studio.

Well, that’s VEXcode not VCS so I will move the question to the VEXcode category.

The message means that VEXcode started a build but something went wrong, the build system has not sent any status back to the UI for a long time. Usually that means something really bad has happened with the build system, I would quit the app and try again.


Thanks for changing this to the right thread.
I quit the app and tried, however it continued to do this, it says there are no problems. Are there any other possible issues?

Does the same thing happen if you create a new project ? It’s odd you don’t have vex.h in the include folder, looks like this is an old project, did you just upgrade or something like that ?


No, with a new project it seems to download fine. This was code that was emailed to me by a teammate. I opened the V5CODE File in VEXcode.

send me the project, let me take a look and see if we can fix it. Otherwise, just cut & paste the code into new files. I noticed you have it on the desktop, you could also try moving into the default location inside documents folder.

also see the folder has “.2” , try removing that.


For anyone else reading this topic with the same issue, the problem was a missing build file (specifically the makefile).