Vexcode iq - amazon fire / android v2.2.2 availability?

Hello! May I asked if there’s a version in the works for v2.2.2 for amazon fire/android coming out soon. It appears that the tablet Apple Ipad IOS version is current v2.2.2 but the android/amazon fire tablet links are only for v2.2.1 and indicates the blocks created on v2.2.2 will not work on the other older version. Wondering if there’s a workaround on this ; am trying to export block coding from broken old ipad which is v2.2.2 to an an amazon fire tablet but is only v.2.2.1. Thank you.

There is an issue with the file system code that is preventing us from pushing any Android updates right now. You can see more information in this post.

Unfortunately, there is no way to modify newer project files to work in older VEXcode versions.

Thanks for this update. Looking forward for the fix soon.