VEXCode IQ Block turned grey

Using VEXCode IQ (V 2.4.5-15), we were dragging a WHILE block (fairly large) when the entire block turned grey. Don’t know why this happened and cannot find any reference in the documentation/forum as to what this means and how to recover. They were able to drag the grey block around, drop it back into the stack, etc. They could pull blocks out of the WHILE at which point the extracted blocks returned to their former colors. In fact, if all of the blocks inside the WHILE are pulled out, they return to their original color, with the WHILE (now empty) remained grey. If blocks were re-inserted into the greyed WHILE, the re-inserted blocks would then turn grey. Guessing there is a problem with the greyed WHILE.

With this apparent corruption, we were not comfortable continuing and the guys dropped back to a backup and continued work. We’d be interested as to why this happened and if there is a way to recover.

Has the block been accidently disabled? Right click on it and then see if you can enable it in the menu.

Was it like this?
That means it has been disabled. Just right click on it and click enable.
Hope this helps!
- Henry 344E

It seems like you disabled the While block, right-click on it and click on enable

That’s pretty weird. If you could include pics / videos that would be great.

Did you right click on the block and click on enable / disable?

Were these blocks inside of a function and did they have the variables from the function inside them?

Yeah, it was disabled (can you spell embarrassed?) It was a long day and it just did not occur to me to check that. “It happened while I was dragging the block” was the explanation and guess, while doing that, they disabled it. Getting a little punchy as they get closer to Worlds.