VEXcode IQ Blocks - Download error

I’m working with IQ Blocks on my laptop (Windows 10) since several days without any issues.
After installing the same version on desktop computers (also Windows 10) in the school lab we are not able to download the programms to the brain. After connecting brain via USB the brain is shown “connected” in in the software and we even can start exesting programms on the brain via the software-play-button. But when trying to download we receive the message “an error occured, please try again”.
Same programm on the laptop with same brain and same USB cable can be downloaded without any problems.
Do you have any idea how to solve this?
We would like to use the software as soon as possible in a programming class…
Many thanks for your help!

No answers in 3 days so I will try.

Can you see the brains with the latest VEXos Utility on both laptop and desktop?

Also best to run only one software at a time, so quit one (and any other related software) to run the other.

Make sure latest versions. Blocks is here.

Try another USB port? Not using USB hub? Any other USB devices attached?

Try downloading to a freshly updated brain?
Two ways (from memory),

  1. rightclick brain icon in VEXos Utility, do “Force Update”,
  2. DFU mode - the 4th FAQ here. Must restart brain and sometimes Utility too.

Still problems?

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We get a similar problem. Code will download a few times just fine. Then this error starts.

We are on the latest windows 10 using Lenovo flex hardware. Latest firmware is on the brain.

We tried combinations of brain restarts, changing ports, code blocks restarts, and USB port changes. We did not have to go as far as a to Dfu a brain.

Right now our workaround is saving the program and restarting code blocks. That seems to work even though it is time consuming. If we can find a faster workaround this weekend we will post it.

If someone is monitoring this thread please reach directly out to me. I think we can help with this bug and long term.

We have 300 students in vexiq and we were an alpha site for modkit in direct communication with the developer lead. We have professional devs on staff that know how to give a complete bug report. We are also comfortable running debug or early versions of software.

PM me your email address and we’ll get someone from the dev team to reach out.

One other thing to note - We have identified an issue with new firmware updates / new brains that the IQ Catalog may report incorrect data and the IQ brain will lock up (become unresponsive to button presses). This can be resolved by using “Settings” -> “Erase User Programs” as a work around as we work on a permanent fix. Users should only have to erase user programs once to resolve the issue.


Many thanks for your replies!
We’ll try solving the issue by one of these ways.
I will respond afterwards…

I am having the exact problem. Any solutions that you found Stefan?