VEXcode IQ Blocks drivetrain distance sensing

There does not appear to be a way to sense how far the drivetrain has traveled. I want to write an autonomous program that makes an action happen after the robot has traveled a specified distance. The only sense capabilities for the drivetrain are “drive heading in degrees”, “drive rotation in degrees”, “drive velocity in <%,rpm>”, and “drive current in <%,amps>”. The first two options sense the robot bird’s-eye orientation in different ways. I will need to program using time instead of distance, but sensing a distance, in motor encoder units of some kind, is preferred. Is this option going to be available at some time?

The drivetrain feature was designed for simplicity and quick programming. The distance the drivetrain has moved will not be accurate once the robot has begun making turns.

If you’re looking for this level of control, I would recommend creating your own controls using My Blocks and configuring motors individually.