VEXcode IQ Blocks - Fully Functional Preview

How can you adjust the joystick threshold? This is very important with the IQ platform.

Will Chromebook communicate via Bluetooth or is cable required?

Joystick dead zones are built-in into each one of the 4 control schemes (approx 5% range). For users that want more control over dead zones/thresholds, we’re adding a few examples to the 1.0 build to show how you can create your own finely-tuned Driver Control code.

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USB Cable as of 1.0.

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Thanks for quick reply.
This is great news. We have more Chromebooks than desktops and they’re mobile(teams can spread out).
My school is 1:1 iPads so reeeeealy looking forward to that release.

Thank you so much for the information you have provided.I do admire the effort and consider this as a great help.

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FYI - VEXcode IQ Blocks 1.0 was submitted to the Apple App Store this morning for review… :crossed_fingers:


We know…
VEXcode V5 Text has replaced VCS text.

Should we also assume:
VEXcode V5 Blocks will replace VCS Modkit.



That is correct.

More info can be found here:


So, it has finally come to this… the death of VCS is upon us.


VEXcode IQ Blocks look pretty good for an initial release!

Here are some suggested improvements:

  1. Tabs. There is currently a single tab named “Code”. Large programs will be much easier to manage with the ability to add more tabs, rename them, and drag chunks of blocks from one tab to another. Also make the “share” (print to pdf) have the option to print one, or multiple, or all of the tabs.

  2. Copy/Paste. The ability to click on the Event (header) of the group of blocks, then make a duplicate copy of all of the blocks, which would act just as if a user had manually dragged that same set of blocks out of the menu.

  3. Option to turn off “auto-save” it is too easy to make a bunch of changes that you don’t want to save, and realize that the changes were saved instantly.

Thanks, Paul


VEXcode IQ Blocks for iPad is finally approved!

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Thanks for that feedback. Tabs is on our roadmap. You can duplicate a block or a stack of blocks right now, by right-clicking or long pressing a block.


Any way this can get back ported to a 10.3 level of iOS? Our iPads are stuck on that release.

Something we will take a look at… but we’re using the native “Files” app for project storage on iOS, which wasn’t implemented until iOS11. I assume you’re using an iPad 4?


Yes, they have older devices that won’t move.


While it’s unfortunate this breaks compatibility for older iPads, this is a great and useful feature that I really hope will remain in the app. By saving projects in iCloud Drive through the native files app, I was able to quickly switch between editing my projects on my mac and on my iPad (and I could do the same on Windows by saving the projects in Dropbox or Google Drive).

This doesn’t appear to be possible on any iOS robot programming solution I’ve used (for IQ or any other platform), and I think teams will find it super useful.


100% agreed. We won’t be removing the “Files” compatibility, just looking into how we might extend it in the future for older devices.


Thanks for the update!

Looks GREAT! I’ve been watching out for this since chatting to you guys (developers!) at the pre-meeting at Worlds last year. So happy that we will have something with all the functionality that we can use on Macs. (And a big THANK YOU to RobotMesh for providing this for the last couple of years while I’ve been working with VEX IQ. Actually, I will probably base my course on the path developed by the RobotMesh guys, but trying this environment out.) On the topic of courses, I see that there are some Tutorials in the Application already: having a look at what the RM guys produced when adding more Tutorials would not be a bad idea…

I would also add weight to the desire for Bluetooth connectivity from laptops (specifically Macs): USB ports and cables are getting very tired…

Text coding would also be great: I’d love to move focus to this with my students as a bridge to V5…

I look forward to using this with my students this year; I will go and check out the Tech Support discussion now. Are there any other discussions about IQ Blocks, or should we concentrate on these 2?