VEXcode IQ Blocks iPad Update (1.0.2) and Other News

Hey Everyone - Happy to let everyone know that we pushed out a VEXcode IQ Blocks update over the weekend for all iPad users. This update is relatively small as it’s more a bug fix, but we did squeeze in a little bit of extra functionality that should improve quality of life when using VEXcode IQ Blocks.

VEXcode IQ Blocks 1.0.2 iPad Update:

  • Reduced Smart Radio Download time by ~60% (32 seconds -> 12 seconds).
  • Added a Cloud Compiler timeout to prevent the application from hanging when Cloud Compiler services are available but not responding.

Other VEXcode News:

  • VEXcode Status Website - Users can now check to view the status of the Cloud Compiler services.

  • Network Troubleshooting Utility - Users who are having trouble accessing the Cloud Compiler services can now point their Network Administrators to Knowledge Base articles that explain what servers need to be unblocked in order to use the Cloud Compiler. The Knowledge Base articles also have a utility available for Windows / Mac that will simulate compiling a project against the Cloud Compiler. This utility can be used to validate that a network is not blocking access to the Cloud Compiler.


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