VEXcode IQ Blocks not downloading/creating project from iPad

The simplest of programs will not download from my iPad to my VEX IQ brain via Bluetooth. Follows is a screenshot of the result. The brain and the Smart Radio have been updated to 2.1.5. Is this functionality broken right now? I switched to my laptop and downloading via USB and that works fine.

I would recomend to use robotc on your laptop Becouase it has all the functions you need for your robot and it will not take that much time.

Is the iPad connected to a network with internet? Tablet version uses an online compiler. Also, is it a home or school network? Might access be blocked?


See this page for more info about troubleshooting the cloud compiler.

Specifically, your network needs to allow connections to on port 5636.


As far as I know, this issue has been resolved. There was an issue with the cloud compiler.