Vexcode iq blocks questions

I am loving the new code blocks. I have a few questions though.

  1. Is there a way to run multiple motors at the same time? Last year we had to use two motors to get enough strength to hang the robot.
  2. When you setup the drivetrain and include a gyro, do the turns incorporate the gyro automatically or is the brain just calculating the rotations to turn the desired degrees based on gear ratio and wheel size?
  3. Will there be support for omniwheel in the drive train?

Thanks for any help

Also I recall there being a way to turn on a light on the color sensor to help it more accurately see colors in off lighting… this was possible using text based code, will that be added to the iq blocks?

what do you mean running multiple motors at the same time? just do:
motor1 start moving, motor2 start moving
wait a second
motor1 stop moving, motor 2 stop moving
using omin wheels and not using omni wheels wont have a big impact on the code.

In robot c graphical there was a set multiple motors command that would allow you move multiple motors simultaneously. This was important if you had two motors turning one axle.

I don’t know enough about the code to know if your way would have them start at slightly different times or not, maybe it doesn’t matter.

the delay should be so small that you dont have to care

  1. You can expand individual motor commands to have a “and don’t wait” parameter which will make multiple motors run effectively run at the same time.

  2. If a Drivetrain is configured with a gyro, then turns will based off of the gyro heading. The gyro is automatically calibrated at the beginning of each Drivetrain program. Forward/Backwards motion is based on gear ratios and wheel sizes.

  3. Omniwheels should not have impact the drivetrain commands - the only concern is the travel distance for forward/reverse motion.


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Is there a way to assign one button to move multiple motors when programming the remote using the vex code blocks? I haven’t been able to find a way to do this?

This would be best asked in a new thread, but there is a way.

IQ is diff than vexcode. Also, it’s an if button is pressed move motor, else stop motor


VEXCode covers IQ and VRC.

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