VEXcode IQ Blocks Version 1.0.8 Release

We are happy to release version 1.0.8 of VEXcode IQ Blocks. It can be downloaded here:

New for this version:

  • Improved BLE Communication with VEX IQ Brains over Smart Radios to improve reliability
  • Added BLE Communication indicator to display connection quality during downloads (iOS only)
  • Added new tutorial videos for My Blocks, Storing Data, and Using Events
  • Expanded feedback tool to include additional diagnostic information
  • Added support for Wheelbase parameter for gyro-less Drivetrains
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation content to include help documentation

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the Feedback system was disabled on iOS devices
  • Resolved an issue with Device Port icon sizes displaying incorrectly on some devices
  • Resolved an issue where My Blocks may disappear from the Toolbox
  • Resolved a consistency issue where Boolean variable constants were displayed with uppercase letters
  • Resolved an issue where track width and wheelbase Drivetrain settings were not appearing in some use cases
  • Resolved an issue where VEX IQ Brains may become unresponsive when connecting to a computer after updating VEX IQ firmware (requires VEX IQ Brain FW 2.1.4)

Some known issues include:

  • Blocks do not automatically update when device / direction names change in the Devices window
  • Share functionality is not yet supported on iPad/Android
  • Recent Projects is not yet supported on ChromeOS
  • Projects will not download on iPad/Android if a VEX IQ Controller with a Smart Radio installed is actively linked to a VEX IQ Brain
  • Tutorial videos cannot be played in “full screen” mode on ChromeOS
  • When installing on Windows 7, you may receive a warning about unsigned VEX IQ drivers. Users will need to select “Install this driver software anyways” to proceed
  • Interacting with notes on iOS devices may cause problems with responsiveness. If the workspace is not responsive after interacting with notes, select a Category from the Toolbox to restore the workspace.
  • Using the “Share” button to generate a PDF of the project does not print the content of project notes (yellow boxes.
  • My Blocks argument blocks may not appear disabled if you drag them straight from the definition block into any other block - however the block’s behavior is actually disabled.

Just like normal, iOS and ChromeOS builds for this version may be delayed by a few days due to Apple / Google review processes. These will be published as soon as they are approved.

As always, we appreciate any user feedback. If you come across something that doesn’t seem right, please let us know below!


One thing that was left out of the release notes:

  • Resolved an issue where programs would not compile when using the Set TouchLED Brightness block.

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