VEXcode IQ Blocks & VEXcode V5 Text: Now Available!

VEXcode IQ Blocks
We’re extremely excited to announce that VEXcode IQ Blocks version 1.0 is now available!

Version 1.0 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. We expect the iOS version to be available sometime early next week, pending the Apple App Store review.

VEXcode V5 Text
In addition to this, we’re also happy to announce the release of VEXcode V5 Text version 0.9 for Windows and Mac. This is a fully functioning release of VEXcode, and is not a beta or preview. However, a few features are still in the works, hence the “0.9” name.

Version 0.9 Features:

  • VEX V5 Language
  • Text device configuration
  • Template and Sample Projects
  • Language: English

Features coming in Version 1.0

  • Removed classes from commands [vex::velocityUnits::pct]
  • Language help
  • Graphical Device manager
  • Video Tutorials
  • Language: English, Spanish, Chinese

We expect version 1.0 to be available sometime in the next month or two.

More information on VEXcode can be found here:

As always, we greatly value our user feedback. If you run into any bugs, or something just seems off, please post it in this thread so that we can look further into it!


Great, this is a helpful post. Glad to find a site with all the software options. What is the expected release date for the V5 blocks? It currently says “Aug 2019.” Any idea for a specific date?

VEXcode IQ Blocks is now available on iPads!


Will we have to update to the newest Version ourselves (aka re-download it or do so in the app) or will it automatically do so once the later versions are released?

Redownloading the app for now, an auto-updater is high on the priority list (as is Mac / Windows app stores for easy updating as well)

Impressed on both VEXcode IQ Blocks and the IOS version. I’m liking the way you can save it directly to Cloud services too; will make cross platform coding a dream!

One thing I will ask, as School IT Network Managers will ask, is a MSI Install version. Not sure how easy this would be?

Looking forward to see Android version too and the text based version too.

For future developments could you include vision sensor and the ability to add more motors in the Drivetrain.

I’ve now got to rebuild and install the software on 19 laptops I take around schools :robot::heart:


We do have an MSI build, it didn’t get included on the revised website (yet)… We’ll get that up there today, along with a link to the iOS version on the download page.


Can we please get a VEXcode V5 Text app for iPads?!?!?!? Many middle/high schools in our region are 1:1 iPads with no computer labs. Also, many more community/home teams only have tablets for their kids as well.

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Our initial priority for VEXcode Text development is to support Chromebooks. iPad support is something we take into consideration in the future, however is not a priority at the moment.


The MSI files for both VEXcode IQ Blocks and VEXcode V5 Text are now available on the download page:


I found this page:

Which basically covers it all! I’ve just been using the links on the forum.

I have a couple of thoughts…

  1. It would be great for transitioning students to be able to open a blocks program in text, so they can get started where they are comfortable but then go to the text. It would be more useful for printing as well.
  2. I would like to have all V5 blocks programs built in with the competition template. It always a pain with newer students to have to take their “program” and then have to build it into the competition template later on. If it’s just there then all they have to do is find or add the autonomous event tab and start coding… And it just works…

That’s it. Just installed VEXCode IQ on 40 computers. Good to go!!!


#1 - Yep, planned feature.

#2 - You mean like this? Any program can become a competition template when you pull in the competition events in VEXcode V5 Blocks.



Ok thank you :slight_smile: will there be an update when the next version and the auto-updater is released?

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I could find an obvious place to report VEXcode IQ Blocks bugs, so I am posting it here:

The “set “Motor” position to ( ) degrees” block does not appear to work in VEXcode IQ Blocks.

I have tried it in MacOS and on iOS, and the sensed value of a motor’s position does not change when the “set motor position” is executed.

yes, looks like a bug in reading back the motor position after set motor position is used.

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Have you guys thought about making a linux version?

Are there any manuals or training videos available?

Also, can you print from the text version of VEXCode? I couldn’t see a way to do that.


We’ll be moving distribution to the Mac App Store / Windows 10 Store, which will automatically keep your software up to date. We will also build in a notifier to inform users that a new build is available.


We are evaluating this at the moment, along side of a Raspberry Pi version for Blocks as well. No definitive plans as of yet.

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Just be careful, don’t implement so much that it causes your team to be spread too thin in maintenance and support. Slowing down future dev and implementation to serve a fraction of the use cases.

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