VEXcode IQ coding not working

I was running an older version of VEXcode IQ and it was working just fine. I just updated to the newest version. When we downloaded our code and configuration to our brain, the coding is not doing anything. The controller works, but it’s not doing what the code tells it to do.

We’re using the coding for the Fling Bot that uses the bumper and the R Down button to send the fling arm down until it hits the bumper. It’s not doing any of that.

Can you post the project so we can take a look.

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I’ve included a picture below. Any help is appreciated!

seems to be working ok here. What does the controller button assignment look like for the other motors ?

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When we press the R Down, it doesn’t keep moving on its own, we have to hold it. Before we updated, we only had to press it once and it went down automatically until it hit the bumper. Now we have to hold R Down until it gets to the bottom. The bumper doesn’t do anything. When we press R Up, it used to then keep the gears moving in reverse and fling the balls. Now the gears move forward when we press R Up.

It’s the same coding and configuration before we updated the VEXCode IQ software, but now it’s acting weird.

Our turning is always reversed (moving joystick left moves it right).

you are trying to control the catapult from two places, either choose code (the blocks you have) or assign to buttons on the controller, don’t do both, they will conflict.


Ahh, didn’t think of that! It’s working now! Any thoughts on our turning being reversed? Forward and back are normal, but turning is backwards.

My guess would be you have the wrong ports assigned to these motors. They may need swapping in the drivertrain configuration.
You may then need to reverse the direction using the blue arrow.