VexCode IQ Files on Samsung Android

Is anyone else having problems with saving and loading files on VexCode IQ for Android. We have Samsung Tab A tablets running Android 11. A few months back VexCode had an update and Android had an update. After that we cannot see any of our files when going to File->Open and cannot save any files: When changing the name we can type in the name but then it just says “saving…” forever.

This is happening on all of our tablets. I have even done a factory wipe and installed only VexCode and it still does not work.

I have submitted “Feedback” in the app multiple time but have got no response.

We are aware of this issue and have been working on solving it. However, we do not have a timeline for when this will get fixed. We do want to get this fixed as this is also blocking all other VEXcode application updates for Android.

The core of the issue is that the Google Play Store requires that any new uploads point to the the latest version of Android. This new target breaks the file system. We did not catch this after updating the target version.

Since we need to keep the newer Android target version to upload to the Google Play Store, we are unable roll back. This means we need to update the file system code to work with the new Android target version while also making sure that it will continue to work with the older versions of Android. This process takes time as the way we need to handle the file system operations is a little different from most other Android application.

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Is there a workaround?
This has been broken for most of the season and there there is only about 1 month left of regular season. This is our main way for our 13 teams to program. The only other option is students sharing the teachers laptop. This doesn’t scale well.