Vexcode iq MENU

Just playing around with VEXCode IQ and it’s pretty easy to make a menu system within the program.

When kids are running a program with multiple parts, this will make it easy for them to reattempt parts of the program as needed. You can have it automatically choose the next program on the list…

And if your kids are good with SCRATCH, this will be very simple to them. Many create menus like this for their games, such as character selection screens. This is pretty standard stuff in that community.

This is just something I threw together while on the phone with my insurance company… I did some extra broadcasting that I wouldn’t normally do but I wanted to get it all on one screen. I have not downloaded this to a brain as I don’t have one at home… So if your brain catches fire don’t blame me! There may be some basic trouble shooting that I missed as well.



I’ll take that chance!
Great idea.