Vexcode IQ update - endless update loop

A number of folks, including me, are getting bitten by an update bug with the latest Vexcode IQ update.

Currently, if you don’t completely uninstall ALL copies (one team’s computer at school had about 10 latent installs dating back to 2021…), restart the computer, and then install from a fresh copy, Vexcode IQ keeps prompting to download the newest version.

This was a picture of what’s being displayed by one person on one of the Facebook groups. I was getting similar things, without the unresponsive error message.

This update seems to be tied, too, to the recent VexOS update. Given a lot of teams working to be updated and inspectable for regional competitions, I expect a lot more folks are going to run into this over the next few days.

I am facing the same issue here as well. I tried my windows, mac and even Chromebook and it would give me an update available. I went to the chrome web store and the web store on my Chromebook stated that there was no new updates. Also just recently I came into an issue when updating my brain and it is stuck in a boot loop. I sent out an RMA still got no response and it has been 2 weeks.

Are you saying that even after updating to VEXcode IQ 2.4.5-9 (released yesterday) on a Mac it still says an update is available ?


@jpearman That’s what’s happening on Windows 10 and 11. I’ll let Sharky_do answer on the Mac side, as I don’t have access to one.

Yes it is still showing the error. Maybe I will try uninstalling and reinstalling and see what will happen.

@Sharky_do Make sure to uninstall ALL the Vexcode IQ versions before reinstalling from a fresh download; that’s the only way I could get it to work.

Yes, that’s what I meant to say when I am going to uninstall and reinstall vex code. I think I never specifyed it correctly, but on chromebook when ever I try to update the gen 2 brain I have it will show me an update error please try again thing. I am going to reset my chromebook, and for windows and mac I will uninstall all the late versions.

I think you are mixing up different issues here.

@EngineerMike is specifically talking about the VEXcode application requesting an update even after the new version is installed, that’s nothing to do with a vexos update on the IQ brain.

you seem to be implying you are having trouble updating a Generation 2 brain.


I think he’s bringing up both issues at the same time, but it sounds like he’s seeing the same Vexcode behavior (just a guess from the reading, but he’s describing what I and lots others are seeing).

@EngineerMike The IQ and EXP windows update installer does seem to be broken, at least one key file is not being updated correctly. I’m sure the VEXcode team will have a solution in the next day or so, in the mean time, for those that have not updated, just dismiss the update dialog and continue using the 2.4.4 version.

I find no issues with the Mac installers


Passed on to the Facebook groups, thanks for digging into this, James. Much appreciated as always!

Just a quick update. We have update the information the update checker looks at so that you should not get the update prompts until we fix this issue. One everything is working we will push out the update prompts again.


I just pushed out a fixed set of installers. Seems that the changes we made to the application to make it load faster caused the installer to think that one of the files did not need to be updated.

I also checked to make sure this would also fix the cases where a user had a failed update to 2.4.5. you can use either the self-update system or download the new installer from the website, to install with the fixed version.


Appreciate y’all on the fast turn for that fix, @jpalnick ! I’ll spread your response on the FB groups as well.


@jpalnick Just wanted to come back to this and give big kudos to you and your team, the startup time on at least VexCode IQ is BLAZING fast now. Glad y’all were able to solve that, massive improvement!


Echoing @engineermike. Thank you for quickly resolving it and keeping the forum updates. Thanks!

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