VEXCode motion profiling

I have been hearing about PROS and coding motion profiling in PROS, but I want to know exactly how to do motion profiling in VEXCode. I understand PID but I have no experience as to what motion profiling is and how it operates. I tried to figure out how to code motion profiling on my own, since I cannot find any resource, yet I seem to fail at times. If anyone has an explanation of how to code motion profiling (heck examples would be great) that would be very useful.
Thank you


I’m a PROS user and I use motion profiling ( I think so but I’m not an expert). It’s when you change the velocities of the motors based on its position. I use a trapezoidal auto drive function in which it accelerates, maintains continuous velocity, and then decelerates. The graph of position and velocity should look like this:

Here’s a graph that shows position, velocity and acceleration:


Thank you so much! This does make sense and I appreciate the documentation.

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Im still a bit confused upon how to code it. Would I require an equation to fill in?

You could check out how Pros/OKapi implement it