VEXcode not detecting Brain

VEXcode V5 Text does not detect my V5 Brain when plugged into the computer via the USB cable that came with the kit. I’ve tried on two Brains and on two computers (and now on two different cables). Am I missing something?

I’ve also tried running the V5 Firmware Utility, but it is not detecting the Brain either.

Mac ? PC ?
sounds like a driver issue.


You need admin password to install drivers.

Also, you got to insert microusb into V5 very gently but all the way in.

It is very inconvinien place to reach. If you have trouble, remove power cable first and then insert usb.

That is not the only explanation.

If both computers have exactly the same version of opertaing system and configuration, then testing on two computers, following identical setup steps, only proves that it is not one of them having hardware issues.

School computers are always configured the same and locked down by admins. Some protection packages will silently ignore user code trying to do admin tasks. You think you installed drivers but they are not installed.

You need more details befor jumping to conclusions.

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I am on Windows 10 laptop. I have both V1.0.1-334 of Blocks and V1.0.1(19.10.1015) of Text installed. I installed Text several weeks after installing Blocks. I have access to the Brain in Text, but do not have access to the Brain in Blocks.
Any help out there to pinpoint the problem?

make sure text and blocks are not open at the same time.

SOLUTION: The cables delivered by VEX were faulty or low quality. I had to buy a set of higher quality cables, and these allowed the brain to connect.