VEXCode not recognizing V5 controller

I was happily enjoying wireless downloading with VEXCode on my old Lenovo ThinkPad (running Windows 7 Professional) when I decided to try VEXCode on a new Dell G7 laptop (running Windows 10).

VEXCode will not recognize the V5 controller connected to any of the 3 USB ports on the Dell G7. The controller symbol in the upper right hand corner remains grayed out. VEXCode WILL recognize the V5 Brain and allow wired downloading if I connect the brain directly. But that’s no fun when wireless capability exists!

I know it’s not an issue unique to this V5 controller and brain because I reproduced the problem with a different controller and brain. I have already removed the device in Control Panel and set it up again with no luck.

Another data point: In the Device Manager window, I do not see the V5 under ports. When I plug in the controller, USB Serial Device (COM3) appears under ports. Under Universal Serial Bus controllers in device manager, a USB composite device appears when I plug in the controller and disappears when unplugged.

Any help trouble shooting this issue would be much appreciated!

Not exactly the same, but a similar issue happened here:

Trying that solution might be a worthwhile starting point.

Thanks for the reply! I had seen that post, but I assumed that poster didn’t have any driver folder to begin with. Anyway, your reply made me go back and dig a little deeper into the V5 driver folder already in my VEXCode folder. I noticed the “Console Driver Installer” but no driver installer log. I clicked on the Console Driver Installer and voila, drivers were installed, an installer log was created, and the grayed out V5 controller icon turned green. Yippee! So thanks for prompting me to revisit that folder.

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