Vexcode Pro glitches on MacBook Pro

I recently got a MacBook Pro without the M1 chip (running Big Sur) and got Vexcode Pro on it. When I open Vexcode and then close it, sometimes two applications called nwjs helper take up 170 percent of my cpu (according to activity manager). When I force quit these applications, my computer’s cpu usage goes down. If I try to open Vexcode after force quitting the applications it will work for several minutes and then suddenly close. I have to reopen it three or four times before it works properly. Does anyone else with a Mac experience the same issue? Is there any fix?

Yes. Same problem here on both Intel and Apple Silicon, so it must be a Big Sur change that has caused it. Did not happen on previous Mac OS versions. There will need to be a Vexcode Pro update to fix it.

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VEXcode and VEXcode Pro use an older version of NWJS as the container application. Likely some incompatibility running with Rosetta 2… our dev team is investigating on Intel and M1 devices to see if there’s any quick fixes we can use to mitigate.


Quick update: You can now download a beta version of VEXcode Pro for Big Sur!

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