Vexcode Pro V5 Competition Template issues

Hi everyone,
we are having issues with entering our driver control and autonomous codes into the competition template.
we had separate configurations for the two programs and put both into the config tabs
now we have the code not recognizing devices

any input?

Could you share your code and anything el e you feal may help?

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what is the best way to share the code?
i cant seem to upload the zipfile

Could you drop it in Google drive or something with link sharing? Also, copy paste the code in [code] [/ code] (without the space) tags

v5code-project-CT211029 (1).zip (18.7 KB)

Good to see a 20 month old post still has value. It’s like posting links back to Cody’s 1999 holonomic code. : -)


hope this link works…
code wont run…