VEXcode Pro V5 on macOS Monterey

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to code on VEXcode Pro V5 on my Mac running macOS Monterey. However, whenever I open the app on my computer, it starts, stays open for about a second or two, and then immediately crashes.

Any idea on how to fix this? (@jpearman)
This is Mac uses an M1 chip, if that makes any difference. I also downloaded the regular Mac version of VEXcode, not the Big Sur version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have an M2 Macbook Air running Monterrey and the Big Sur version works fine for me. Maybe try that?

Unless you really want the graphical device configuration, consider switching to the visual studio code VEX extension.


Ok, thank you! Let me try those solutions!

This ended up working for me, thanks!