VEXcode Pro V5 v2.0.1

VEXcode Pro V5 v2.0.1 is now available. It can be downloaded here:


  • Added support for V5 Optical Sensor
  • Added support for V5 Distance Sensor
  • Added support for V5 Rotation Sensor
  • Added support for V5 Electromagnet
  • Resolved an issue with the 3-Wire Accelerometer not showing up in the simplified Autocomplete command list.
  • Resolved several issues with inconsistent / incorrect example projects
  • Added missing command help for Motor Controller 29 devices

Known Issues:

  • “Editor Font Zoom Reset” under “Tool” menu on Windows, resets to slightly smaller font than the default

since when were we getting an electromagnet?


Did I miss something? Since when is there an electromagnet?


when are we gonna get the simulator? Would be really helpful now with all the virtual stuffs

I would have to ask the same question again.

Vexcode VR has one. It would be useful. Just at the bare minimum a brain emulator because of UI development. Also why would they transfer the naming scheme. I mean like VEXcode and VEXcode blocks is just fine but VEXcode and VEXcode Pro is confusing. Feels like you would have to pay for VEXcode Pro (please god don’t do this)

Electromagnet is a yet-unreleased device that was developed for a workforce development project with REC Foundation. It’ll pick up and transport plastic disks with metal cores.

No idea on timeline for public consumption as the workforce development hardware is currently in closed beta.


Am I hearing next year’s game leeks?


Frisbees for next year?


People would figure out a way to magnetize pieces of steel and create custom magnets which would be way stronger and they would pick up all the game pieces in seconds. Also what happens when 2 robots have on of these and then they connect?

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they’re electromagnets so they can be turned on and off

so it isn’t going to be a vrc competition product?

Well then why would it be in vex pro?

it sounds like an educational product intended to be used in a classroom setting with v5, but not in competition.


Project Lead the Way and other programs use VEX, but I’m pretty sure PLTW is the biggest. I think we would be surprised to know how many V5 brains never see the competition field…


VEXcode and VEXcode Pro are used by more than just competition teams, you know… :smiley:


Most of the people that use these are classrooms right?

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