VEXcode Pro V5 v2.0 Preview

We are happy to release a v2.0 preview of VEXcode Pro V5. It can be downloaded here:

New for this version

  • Rebranded from “VEXcode V5 Text” to “VEXcode Pro V5”
  • Add support for V5 3-Wire Expander Smart Device
  • Resolved an issue where the Drivetrain device was generating incorrect code for the “wheelbase” and “track width” parameters
  • Resolved an issue where users could enter a gear ratio of zero which would generate a compiler error
  • Updated Vision Utility to display the center coordinates of a detected object instead of the origin coordinates
  • Updated Vision Utility to allow you to select an image area by dragging in any direction

Known Issues

  • The Simplified Autocomplete functionality will be improved for the future releases
  • The “Accelerometer” device type is not showing up in Autocomplete
  • “Editor Font Zoom Reset” under “Tool” menu on Windows, resets to slightly smaller font than the default

Has this been announced in the product release? If so, I must’ve missed it. Also, are there any more details about this product?


Bottom of this link has this listed, I must’ve forgetten about it. Anyways, any more details about this?

Yes. It has been on the new products page for quite some time.


The 3 wire expander device is listed on the new products page. They are putting devices onto the OS likely so there will already be preparations in place for those who are going to buy the product, and immediately have the device listed on vexcode without an issue of waiting for a new OS update upon receiving said device. All companies generally do this, such as Roblox that adds new features for everyone (but are disabled for most, unless you opt in via applying) to test before the update goes live 1-2 weeks later, and even Apple with some iOS updates that state “added compatibility for x device” before x device goes into anyone’s hands.


Yep… Our goal is to try and have all of the new sensors built into the software before they begin officially shipping to ensure users can use them right away. V5 Firmware 1.0.11 includes all of the firmware level support for the new devices - they’re just all in manufacturing / shipping right now.

It does make development fun though sharing a few prototype devices between a bunch of devs…


Yup, I know all the basic logistics behind it (as seen by my edit). I was more so curious about specific details of the product. i.e. how many sensors will be supported or what is the new maximum number of sensors? How will it function and what are the limitations? That kind of info.

This is what we know about it from the Coming Soon page


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