VEXCode slow to load

My students are starting to use VEXcode V5 Text on our classroom desktops. Unfortunately we’ve found that VEXCode V5 Text takes about 8 minutes to start up on all the computers. The computers we’re using have an Intel Xeon E5-1603, 16 gb of ram, and a 500gb SSD. I feel the computer hardware should be able to handle VEXCode no problem and shouldn’t be the issue but I could be wrong. Has anyone run into this issue before and solved it or maybe has some ideas on how to solve it? Thanks!

No clue why this would happen. Your specs are wayyy overkill for VEXcode.
Check task manager’s performance section and see if your CPU is being bogged down by other processes. If it is, try and end the unnecessary ones.

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That’s odd, but maybe something with the school domain. At my school he ev3 software took 10 minutes to load.

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Are your computers trying to load VEXcode from a remote location on the network, rather than the internal SSDs?

(To expand upon @CarCar’s domain theory)

I dont know if this is the reason, but maybe the computers are preoccupied with others tasks so the best solution that you may be able to try other than the task manager one previously suggested would be reset the computers and if possible try to take them off the school network and see if that may be the problem.

Some technical solution may be thermal throttling of the cpu because of little or dirty cooling. Another thing that might be happening is some kind of bottleneck.

Sometimes I have cleared out the appdata folder and that helped.

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Thank you all for your suggestions! Checked and it was installed on the local drive and then I opened up Task Manager and watched to see what happened as it opened. Turns out the anti-virus had it flagged as a not trusted program and was checking it every time it opened up which is why it took so long.
Talked to my IT guy and got it marked as trusted and it only takes a few seconds to boot up. Thank you all for your help!


I know this is off topic but what PC’s are these specifically that you have Server grade hardware for students to use?


These are the desktop computers used in the engineering lab of our school. We use them mostly for our PLTW classes so a good amount of Autodesk, Architecture and Drafting, and Robotics coding. I’m not sure exactly why they decided on the Xenon CPU for them as they’ve had these computers for a few years now and just made the upgrade this summer to all SSD’s which have really breathed some new life and pep in them.