VexCode Text to VexCode V5

Previously, I had been using Vexcode V5 Text, but with the new update, the app tell me to download Vexcode V5. I did that, but now I am not able to open my old programs, which v5 Text saved in a .v5code file. Is there anyway to transfer code from Vexcode v5 Text to the newer Vexcode v5?

do you mean vexcode v5 pro? you should be able to still use them

No, I downloaded the generic Vexcode v5. Should I download Pro?

I think he means this oneimage

oh, I think that is bocks actually.

yes, download pro. it is the same thing, you won’t know a difference

So just to clarify:

  • The program formerly known as “VEXcode V5 Text” is now called “VEXcode Pro V5”
  • The program formerly known as “VEXcode V5 Blocks” is now called “VEXcode V5”

The old naming scheme no longer made sense since VEXcode V5 (Blocks) added support for programming in python and C++.


yeah that’s kind of what I figured