VEXCode Text vs Blocks

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We are debating over the use of VEXCode Text vs Blocks in our Classes and our teams. Which would be better and more understandable in a sense of learning?

My personal opinion is that Blocks is more understandable in a sense of learning, and Text is better. Blocks and Text use the same commands (more or less), so it is relatively easy to switch from Text to Blocks. Text is a higher level of programming (more or less). Moving from Blocks up to Text will have a little more of a learning curve. They are both easy to learn, but Blocks is easier to learn.


Blocks is more understandable as what the block does is said on the block

Just like what @trontech569 said, my opinion is about the same that Blocks is easier to learn and understand the basics. Text is better for more fine tune use than blocks in general. You could get the main point across in either programs but if you want to learn from something, go and start at text. Text will give you more options to go off of but will be more of a challenge to learn than blocks. My group had the same option and we choose to use text instead of blocks to help with the autonomous. Either way, they both work, and keep in mind that this is just my opinion and experiences from what I have seen when working on my robot.

Thanks, here’s the only issue with blocks that I have – For some reason, when my code reaches a certain length, the code starts breaking – For example, it just stops working, but if you isolate it, it works. Very strange. The file also gets corrupted. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

Can you post your code?

If you post the code, then we can see what is wrong with it. What happened with my group was that we had something that was incorrectly stated and caused that part of the code to get corrupted and stop working. Confused us for the longest time was we noticed one motor wasn’t running but isolating it with a different set of code allowed motor to run. I would double check that your code is correctly stated before anything else happens.

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Try and find the part of the code that will not play then find the thing that moved last. If that value is over what it can travel ( for say you want it to spin 30 degrees but only 10 degrees is possible) then vexcode will shut down the rest of the code for some reason.

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