VEXCode - Transitioning

Alright, I will be moving to VEXCode despite using PROS last year, and I believe transitioning will offer me more resources for what I do specifically. Also, I found my files in PROS become corrupt and it happened 2-3 times and due to my last limb I decided to do VEXCode. Before I transition, I have not been up to date with anything from VCS and VEXCode updates in over half a year. Is there anything in particular that I should be aware of? Is there any habits I should form for VEXCode?

Just look at example programs and you should be good :+1:
Learning how to make tasks is extremely helpful for multitasking. Since you are switching after the new device configuration system, it should be easy to setup your motors and sensor


You might want to enable Expert Robot Configuration of you don’t want to use the auto generated config files.


For command reference I find it easiest to just open another code editor and look though the header files located at…


Definitely some wise words of wisdom, thank you.

THANK YOU. I was getting a little bit oof’d with the configurations because I couldnt modify the setup without having to open the graphical menu.

That’s what I’ve been having with pros as well, it seems that here is also a problem with the files loading.

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happy to see you again,I cone back PROS,because VEXcode can’t include to much ,so main.h will be have many codes,don’t use to many return! It will make your brain die!