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Since I am a senior and my school is requiring all seniors to put forth roughly 20 hours towards the community, I decided to start developing tutorials for VEXCode V5 text. I am by no means perfect, but I will give my best shot at explaining and having a walkthrough for the programming software.
I will be uploading tutorials to the playlist here during the winter break, so I hope it’s useful to those who need the help:


Look’s like a good project, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops! I’m sure you’ll find your 20 hours of time goes by really fast. May I recommend that you base your programming on the V5 clawbot (and if you have time, add the new gyro and vision sensor)…that way every viewer can have the same robot/controller as a frame of reference.


Sure thing! Thank you very much, I’ll try my best to take your offer up :slight_smile:


Id actually love to see this, there isnt much documentation online.

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Maybe your next tutorial should be “how to make a custom driver-control”

There are a lot of new people who either (a)don’t realize they can make a custom controller, or (b)are working with the basic clawbot, but a port on their brain has burned out so the default wiring doesn’t work, and since they are brand new to VEX, have no idea how to get their trainer working.

Thank you so much for the inputs, I will be working on those tutorials soon. But for the meantime I need to work my way up in order to teach people important assets of coding.
Many people are unaware of the interface, so I got that completed:

And I know so many people who are unaware of variables and variable conversion, operators, conditional statements, etc so I made this:

I will be working on a tutorial on the Setup and how to code motors and controllers soon, and I will do what @kmmohn suggested with programming the V5 clawbot as reference (Bear in mind I do not have a clawbot so I will be trying my best to assume the motor’s orientation). I absolutely hate the way most people code their driver control, so I will be providing a way to code driver control that would both:
  1. Make the drive motors faster
  2. Make the drive motors be more responsive
  3. Make the drive motors be more reliable during driver control
  4. And to the ones who want to be more advanced, make the drivetrain control be much more intuitive for the driver.

In regards to the gyroscope, I will provide tutorials for them as well in the future. For the vision sensor that will take me some as well.



Begone, repetitive syntax questions on the forum

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As requested, I am coding the VEX clawbot:
Just for a heads up, the first half is for people who are relatively new to coding, while the second half is based upon a bit more intermediate level of coding. I would recommend EVERYONE view this video as it is very very useful to improve driving:


Have you ever thought of making the files available somewhere? Im not sure if its my resolution, the video, youtube and delivery (probably) or a combination (most likely) but sometimes the screen shots are hard to read.