VEXcode Update Inertial Sensor and Gyroscope Sensor Question

In the latest update of VEXcode V5 Text, the angleAbs method for the old V1 Gyroscopes seems like it was removed. Is this a bug or is the angleAbs method gone for good? Will a method with the same functionality as angleAbs be added to the new V5 Inertial Sensors?

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We did some major cleanup of the gyro class to bring it inline with the new inertial class. angleAbs was removed, use “rotation” as a replacement for that. angleAbs had also technically been deprecated in earlier releases, we just don’t have a way if indicating that without causing potential confusion (by causing the compiler to issue warnings), it was replaced by “heading”, however, we also have made heading return values in the 0-360 deg range now.

We decided to do this now rather than keep old class member functions around forever, short term pain for a better long term API.

I need to write a post to explain these changes in more detail, just haven’t had time.