VEXcode V5 2.2.1

VEXcode V5 version 2.2.1 is now available. It can be downloaded here: Download VEXcode - VEX Robotics

What’s New:

  • Added the new V5 GPS to the Devices configuration to support the V5 GPS Sensor
  • Added support for gesture detection with the V5 Optical Sensor


  • [All] Resolved issues with various example projects and help files
  • [All] Added ‘Stop Project’ block and equivalent command to C++
  • [All] Fixed issue with controller configurations not converting correctly to Python
  • [macOS/Windows/Chrome OS] Added code folding in text projects to show all generated robot configuration code
  • [macOS/Windows/Chrome OS] Fixed misrepresented progress bar when downloading Python system files
  • [macOS/Windows/Chrome OS] Added Python wrapper function for calibrating a Smartdrive device

Known Issues:

  • [iOS] When using Arabic, the UI can become slow with larger robot configs
  • [Text] Compiler “warnings” may sometimes not be shown in the console correctly