Vexcode v5 blocks bugs

Found serious bugs in v5 blocks.

sending the motor amps to the lcd… precision is only 1 digit. Does not display anything to right of decimal like robotmesh does.

sending joystick position to lcd. Screen does not properly update and ‘ghost’ digits remain on screen.

code flat-out ignores statement which says if button pressed and motor degrees less than X, spin motor. Motor spins, but degrees is ignored.

more screen ‘ghosting’ bugs

Default precision setting is zero digits. You can choose how precise you want values to print by using the set precision block.


Printing to the screen does not automatically “clear” the line. You should clear the line, reset the cursor position, then print the value to the screen.


I’d need to see code that replicates this issue to offer any guidance.

See #2 above. Likely the same issue.


I think ghost issue is resolved with clear row command. Will see if I can find code examples for other problems.

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