VEXcode V5 Blocks Preview

We’re happy to release a fully functional preview of VEXcode V5 Blocks!

VEXcode V5 Blocks supports chromebooks and is powered by Scratch Blocks. We added 100+ VEX specific blocks to make programming a V5 robot easier than ever before. This allows students to experiment and explore programming without the complexities of compiler errors or a text-based language.

VEX Robotics is releasing new coding tools for IQ and V5 robots.

VEXcode IQ Blocks - v1.0 Available Now
VEXcode IQ Text - Coming October 2019
VEXcode V5 Blocks - Preview Version Available now
VEXcode V5 Text - v0.9 Available Now

Key Features in this Preview:

  • Works on Chromebooks, Windows, and Macs. iPads and Android coming soon.
  • Drag & drop design that is powered by Scratch Blocks
  • Built-in video tutorials to get you up and running
  • Drivetrain blocks make coding your robot simple and fun
  • Students learn blocks quickly with built-in help written by educators
  • Setting up robots is simple, so students can get to the fun of coding
  • Competition Templates, examples and video tutorials will get you ready to compete
  • Integrated Firmware updater and Vision Sensor utility
  • Test your robot build in a flash with the zero-code wireless controller tools
  • Jumpstart learning with 30+ example projects
  • Visit for FREE coding and robotics STEM Labs
  • Instant online answers to almost any question at

Planned v1.0 Enhancements (Expected by the end of August 2019)

  • Wireless downloading via the V5 Controller
  • 2D Lists (arrays)
  • Translated blocks into Spanish and Chinese
  • More tutorials and example projects
  • Updates to the Built-in Help for blocks
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Availability in the Mac App Store / Windows 10 Store

To download the preview version of VEXcode V5 Blocks, visit the VEXcode Download page:


Will VEXcode ever have bluetooth downloading? Meaning you can download via wireless and not have to deal with any cables at all?

Also, happy cake day @DRow


We are initially planning wireless downloading via the V5 Controller for integration over the next few weeks.

As we continue to develop iOS / Android for VEXcode V5 Blocks this fall, we’ll be adding BT downloading as well.

So to answer your question, yes. :grinning:


Will this feature be available for other programming environments as well, provided that they are willing to do what is necessary to incorporate it? Or will BT downloading be a special feature for VEXCode only.

Bluetooth downloading functionality will be added to the V5 system in a future firmware update. The feature will not be VEXcode exclusive.


Oh that’s wonderful news! Thank you

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I am more concerned with the text based. I know I can already download via vexnet on the controller, I was just wondering when 100% wireless was coming to VEXcode text.

Bluetooth downloading is a great feature! glat to hear it and look forward to it!

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What’s cakeday?
20 char

What was the Bluetooth for V5 even originally designed for?

The day that an account was made. It it symbolized with a cake next to you name.


Idk, I think the bluetooth was designed to be used for wireless connections between a device and the brain.

What device? The Vision sensor? Isn’t that connected with Phone cable?

It’ll be used as a way to download programs from Bluetooth devices in the same way that you can download to an IQ Brain from an iPad. As it stands, wireless downloading is done via VEXnet utilising the V5 controller.
I guess longer term, it means you can write Bluetooth comm apps to work with V5 (much like when the specs for IQ were released so people could develop their own stuff) although not for competition.

It connects via a normal V5 or IQ smart cable.
The vision sensor is currently configured via USB but it does broadcast it’s own WiFi networks over which you can see live video.

does it always runs on battery?

i do have my robot technology at home because it runs on battery and bluetooth

Thank you. That will be very nice.

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I hope Chromebook version could run on any Linux distribution like Ubuntu.

We were considering getting camera for out engineering class project, but didn’t know if we could control robot wirelessly and get video on the laptop screen.