Vexcode v5 blocks turning block issue

I am trying to program a autonomous and i am trying to make the robot turn 180 degrees, but whenever i run the program the robot does everything else but when it goes to turn that 180 degrees, it just keeps spinning. I don’t know what to do.

Please post your code!

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Nvm I got help from the vex company it was just a simple mistake

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What was your mistake? I can’t seem to get this fixed. I have called VEX and no one has gotten back to me about it.


My guess would be you didn’t tell the motors to stop after. But I can’t say much if you don’t post the code.

I am using the example ones that Vex provides for Drivetrain on turning. Why would it not just do the turn? but it keeps spinning in circles? I also can’t seem to understand how the motors will go the correct way when going forward or backward but then one motor will go forward and one will go backwards when turning right or left?

I did
“When Started”
“Turn (Left) for 90 degrees”

When you are using turn commands, you need to have the robot configuration set up, unless you are using a clawbot or something I would just command each motor separately or each side separately rather than trying to tell it to turn.

With or without a gyro configured on the drivetrain?

thats exactly what happened

You also have to tell it to stop
For example:
When Started:
Turn left for 90 degress

So I shouldn’t use Drivetrain? I should do it like the old VCS, where I have to do each motor? There is no way to fix the motors in Drivetrain?

Hi @kgreza Can you please post your code and we’ll try to identify what the issue is? Thanks,

I have been trying to get the V5 clawbot to turn precise degrees with block coding. It is supposed to turn 90 degrees but every time, with multple robots, it turns well past 90, almost 120 degrees.

Here is my code and my setup of the drivetrain.
Vex V5 turning issue screenshot

ANY Help would be greatly appreciated. We have a fleet of them that my class is using to learn basic programming and robotics…

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I have exactly the same issue cstone0, and my students are beyond frustrated. I have tried literally everything to troubleshoot this. It used to be that adjusting the track width could offset the incorrect turning calculations, but I believe Vex has made some additional changes under the hood as even that does not work anymore.

I brought this up in October and was told that a future software update that would separate the wheelbase and track width measurements would fix this. However, it does not. I have emailed Vex support again in the hopes that they will take a second look at their drive train calculations. I can see a variance of a few degrees without using a gyro, but being off consistently by over 20-30 degrees doesn’t make any sense.

At this point we may just ask students to not use the drivetrain next semester and just code each motor separately.

Having this same problem. I will say, it gave me an opportunity to explain functions and parameters to my students as they built their own drivetrain, but it still is a hassle and disappointing for them when they start. Any official word? It seems like a TON of people would be having this problem if V5 was being used in classrooms, which concerns me.

This is a difficult subject to explain. There are multiple configurations of robot and ways to drive the wheels. The original clawbot from 2012 used four traction wheels that were geared together and driven by two motors. The latest V5 clawbot still uses two motors, but they directly drive the front traction wheels, the rear wheels are not driven and are also omni wheels. When the V5 clawbot turns, you may notice that the center of the turn is close to the front of the robot.

When using the original 2012 clawbot turning happens around a point close to the center of the robot, in this case the wheel base setting would be set to the distance between the axles, turns may still not be perfectly accurate and the wheelbase (and/or) trackwidth numbers may need adjustment to compensate for other variables such as floor material.

When using the V5 claw bot, wheelbase should be set much closer to 0, possibly even at 0, as the center of turning is almost between the front wheels, the rear omni wheels are just dragged around, it’s very much like a 2 wheel robot with a caster in the rear.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the response – I guess my question is more about why Vex included the drivetrains and settings at all then, since the outward appearance is to allow students to put correct values in the setup boxes and use them. In this particular case, we’re talking about the “official” Clawbot, which is sold as a classroom kit and all specs and sizes are 100% known to Vex. The stem labs use this model, but the tool to program them is inaccurate to the point of being pointless, so I’m confused. Since a 2 wheel drivetrain can almost be guaranteed to NOT fall into the track width/wheel base configuration tool, why does it exist?

A way around using the turn __ degrees is to use this below it does require a little bit of guess and check. The bolded portion will fix this issue.

When started
Drive forward for__ seconds
wait 10 seconds
Turn left
Wait __ seconds
Stop turning

The value that goes in the wait should be how many seconds it takes to turn.

That should fix your problem altho it does require some guess and checking.

This is a bug in the drivetrain configuration that has been fixed and will be included in the next update available early next week.


Excellent to hear. Thank you!